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 Wild ideas are alluring, impulsive, unpredictable, ideas with wings and hooves.
- Naturalist Diane Ackerman

From the tallest mountain in the continental United States, to the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, to the world's biggest kelp forest, you'll be amazed and inspired by California's incredible outdoor places on the giant screen!

Join botanists Steve Sillett and Jim Spickler and climb to the top of the world's largest and oldest living things, the 30-story high Giant Sequoias. Swing from treetop to treetop on a thin, nylon cable, and discover the incredible surprise we found at the top of the world's second largest tree!

California's great natural abundance has always inspired Californians to take extreme sports to the next level. Get big air in Tahoe with pro snowboarder Bryan Iguchi.

See Troy Hartman and Joe Jennings go huge over Mission Bay! If you think jumping out of a plane on a snowboard is WILD, you should see what else Troy and Joe take into the sky! 

Watch out for high winds as you walk the Golden Gate with Joe Van Bonn and Bill Owens. 

When it comes to giant waves, surfers the world over think of Hawaii's fabled North Shore of Oahu. Imagine their surprise when Jeff Clark discovered and rode a new California spot every bit as awesome, and dangerous! 

So cute you’ll want to take them home, only 2,500 of these lovable but endangered creatures remain in the world. Dive in with Aquarist Sue Campbell as she attempts to save orphaned pups by convincing them she’s their mom.

For Native Americans like Dana Prieto, the bald eagle is an important symbol. But DDT has weakened their eggs so that the only way they can reproduce and survive is with the help of gonzo biologists like Peter Sharpe, who risks his life in Catalina to replace incubated chicks in their mothers' nests.
Click Here to view a live video feed from the Bald Eagle's nest on Santa Catalina Island, California.

Requires the Real Player to view

Video feed is provided by the Institute for Wildlife Studies in cooperation with the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

You'll also experience

ACADEMY AWARDS - Come to the world's biggest gala event, and face the paparazzi's bright lights and flashing cameras as you walk the red carpet with the world's biggest stars! Our large-format camera was the first camera of any kind ever allowed to capture this perspective for a theatrical release

WILD CULTURE -From the Gold Rush, to Hearst Castle, to Hollywood and Disneyland, California is a place of glitter and glamour like no other!

And Much More!!!