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ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA was directed by Greg MacGillivray from a script by Mark Krenzien. The film was produced by Mark Krenzien, Alec Lorimore and Greg MacGillivray, and executive produced by Robert Kresser, Jan Baird and Ryan Kresser. The production team includes veteran cameraman Brad Ohlund, Production Manager Cris Andrei and Production Coordinator Scotty Guinn.


     K2 Communications is an executive producer of large-format films, and a multimedia production company whose credits include television documentaries, multi-million dollar public service advertising campaigns, in-flight television programming, and large-format films. K2 secured the large-format film industry's biggest-ever corporate sponsorship for MacGillivray Freeman's EVEREST, and executed the industry's biggest-ever marketing campaign to help EVEREST become the first large-format feature ever to jump onto Hollywood's top ten box-office list. EVEREST has now passed $100 million in gross receipts. 

     Thanks to K2, ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA will be accompanied by the large-format industry's biggest marketing campaign ever, valued at roughly four times the amount spent on EVEREST. K2 has recruited over a dozen major corporate sponsors to help finance and promote the film, including Wells Fargo, American Express, Hewlett Packard, United Airlines and Robert Mondavi Winery. ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA will also be accompanied by three hours of documentary TV programming for the Travel Channel, and Samsonite is creating a special line of ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA luggage to be promoted in their 200 stores worldwide. 

Upcoming large-format films from K2 include AVALANCHE HUNTER and WILD AMERICA.


     For more than 30 years, MacGillivray Freeman Films - an innovative team of specialists in the development, production, and distribution of large-screen experiential motion pictures - has studied and influenced the art of viscerally involving entertainment. 
     Founded by Greg MacGillivray and the late Jim Freeman, this award-winning film production company creates positive, enriching motion picture experiences as it explores new ways to take audiences on exciting and unforgettable adventures.
     The most experienced independent producer and distributor of 70mm motion pictures in the world, MacGillivray Freeman Films produces films that have been critically praised for their artistry and trademark blend of education and entertainment. 
     In 1976, MacGillivray Freeman Films created one of the first films in the IMAX® format with the pioneering "To Fly!" for Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Since then, the MacGillivray Freeman team has continued to be an industry leader with breakthrough films -- including the acclaimed 1998 box office record breaker "Everest," a moving story of triumph after tragedy on the world's tallest mountain. Other highly regarded MacGillivray Freeman film experiences include "The Living Sea," a journey into the ocean narrated by Meryl Streep and featuring music by Sting; "Dolphins," a virtual swim with some of the mast fascinating sea creatures on earth; and "Stormchasers," an expedition with leading scientists who study nature's fury.